☰ Huge Claw Marks on Rooftop

It was summer time when I started, hot as hell everyday, and we were roofing houses a lot. We did two big roof jobs back to back.

The reason we were there was because (obviously) the woman needed her roof fixed, but why she needed it fixed was the weird part. The roof she had was relatively new, save for three huge gashes going down the front side of her roof.

These "gashes" or dig marks would have looked like animal claws if they hadn't been a foot apart from each other and they were so deep, they went through the shingles, the felt paper and the roof decking. If the slashes had been going the opposite way, I think they would have tore right through the rafters as well.

Sam said he had never seen anything like it and it took us a couple of days to repair the damage and re-shingle it completely. The woman who hired us said she wasn't home when it happened, but she noticed the slashes when she came back from a three day business trip. She asked us what could do that, and the only answer Sam could come up with was that maybe a tree being blown around by a storm had somehow grazed her roof.

I lived not far from that area at the time and it had been dryer than a popcorn fart for the last month. I had my doubts about Sam's theory, but the storm story seemed to comfort the woman, who lived alone, so I kept my mouth shut.

- Connor

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