☰ In The Trunk

When I was 23, my best friend had a baby, and she had a terrible time with the birth. Her son, Aiden, was basically born with his insides on the outside of his body, but by some miracle he lived. The doctors were able to perform a series of surgeries that saved his life. During the time that she was in the hospital, I visited her and Aiden everyday. To get to there from where I lived, I had to cross a long bridge. 

One evening, I was headed home after my visit, and I heard the inside of my trunk rattle and vibrate furiously. It’d started as soon as I drove onto the bridge. I lived in the city, in Florida. The bridge was busy, so it wasn’t like I could pull over. I had to grin and bare it. 

I was wondering if my car was going to break down, simultaneously praying that it wouldn’t. As soon as I drove off the bridge and onto the regular thoroughfare, the noises and rumbling ended. This happened again the next morning when I went to visit them too; and the next evening the same thing repeated itself.

I tried to wrack my brain as to what could be shaking my car around like that. I thought that maybe the bridge might just be vibrating from the other traffic, but the effects of crossing the bridge was so violent on my car, I quickly decided that wasn’t it.

The fourth or fifth time it happened, curiosity got the best of me. I left the hospital so late, the bridge wasn’t busy when I began to cross it and the trunk shook. I put my hazard lights on and got out of the car to check the trunk. 

Nothing could have prepared me for what lay inside the boot of my vehicle. 


Hundreds of thousands of them. Just piled up in the back of my car. 

Then, as I stood staring at the myriad of molars, incisors, canines and even baby teeth; something underneath them began to move.

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