☰ My Critiquing/Beta Reading Policy

➡️Your piece could be a masterpiece, and I might tell you it's shit. Or, your piece could be shit and I might tell you it's a masterpiece. Either is possible, neither is probable. (Just kidding, I would never say something like that to anyone, but I am writing this to let you know how I roll, concerning betas and critiques).🤣

➡️The only thing that is guaranteed about a critiquing/beta read from me is that it is 100% my point of view. My opinion. (And you know what they say about opinions).🤣

➡️ As a beta reader, I will *guarantee* to read the first chapter of your book, but if it doesn't hook me by then, I'll let you know why I stopped reading. I wont be an ass about it, and I'll try to say my reason as gently as I can. (FYI: My reason could be as simple as: you're smarter than me and I couldn't keep up). Don't laugh, it's happened before. 🤣

➡️ No matter what I say, take it with a grain of salt. Your story is important whether I 'enjoyed' it or not. There have been many a bestseller I didn't care for. I like weird books and I have weird taste. Yes, I write stories too, but I'm certainly not an expert on writing. I *am* an expert on what I like. That is all. 

➡️ No matter what happens during a beta read/ critique from me, I'd hate for it to ruin our friendship. That's why I send the disclaimer. Anyway, I hope I don't hurt your feelings in the future, but just know that I do and always will respect you enough to tell you the truth. Good or bad. 


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