☰ Cloud In An Attic

About six months into my handyman career. I was still a novice, but I'd learned a lot from Sam, who just so happened to be off that day. An elderly man called the office and made an appointment for someone to come and open up his attic. His house was older, built in the 1920's, and he had a lot of extra stuff that he needed to store somewhere, but he couldn't get into the attic.

I went on the call by myself thinking that the work order would be a piece of cake. When I got there, he shuffled down the upstairs hall and opened a closet door that hid another set of more rickety stairs. The rickety stairs led to the attic door, which was boarded over really well. I took a look at it and realized I was going to need a crowbar if the old man wanted into his attic.

The homeowner said he wanted the door open, he said his daughter and her family were coming and he needed to stow his extra stuff as soon as possible so that they would have both of his spare bedrooms for the holidays. He told me to tear it down, so I did. At first, I thought the cloud was just dust that had been disturbed from the door being destroyed, but it wasn't. It was an honest to god cloud. Like the fluffy white clouds in the sky. It just hovered in his attic.

I told the old man we could use a fan, if he had one, to try and suck it out the window, because, well... it was kind of disturbing. Clouds don't belong in attics. The old man said it would be great if I could get rid of it. So I set the fan up in front of the tiny attic window, only the cloud wouldn't be moved.

The customer and I couldn’t wrap our heads around what the hell was going on with his attic. Finally, seeing that the cloud wasn’t going anywhere, and it wasn’t actually hurting anyone, the old man decided that he would ignore it and move his extra stuff up anyway. I offered to help him and I even offered to assemble a replacement door for free, but he said he would be fine with no door to his attic.

I remember thinking that there would be no way in hell I wouldn’t re-bolt that door if it was me, because obviously something weird was going on with his attic, and there was probably a reason the previous owners boarded the thing up in the first place.

- Connor

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