☰ Calling All Adventurous Writers!!!

Hi and nice to meet you!

My name is Avrin Kelly; I write horror and I run the Wicked Shorts Blog and here's something most people already know about me: I love horror, the kind that gives you a chill long after you've finished reading it. 

If you share my sentiments for good horror, then you may be in the right place.

I'm looking for a few authors/ writers/ wordplayers who are up for collaborating or guest writing on the Wicked Shorts Blog in the following areas:

  • Write a short, scary/ sci-fi/ speculative story.

    • All works must be original and you must own the rights to put your work where you wish. 
    • Your story doesn't have to be exclusive to this site, as long as wherever else you've posted it doesn't mind that I've featured it here. 
    • (If that doesn't make sense, e-mail me. LOL). Basically, I just don't want to step on the toes of any online magazine you may be published in...
    • Remember, we love weird, so let your imagination roam free!

  • Write a "Have Tools, Will Travel..." story.

    • "Have Tools, Will Travel" is a series I started that tells about the horrors that handymen face when the supernatural is involved. 
    • My main characters are Connor and Sam. 
    • Here's the story line: 
      • Connor and Sam witnessed Car Stuck In A Garage, (the first story in the series). To find answers about what happened in said garage, Connor took to the internet. Now he gets letters from other handymen who have experienced weird things themselves.
    • You can write these stories as yourself, or as a character, it's up to you; but all stories should be written as responses to Connor's original stories. 
      • For example: your character read Connor's posts and decided to share their own story. 
      • Here's another example: Necklace From Work
    • All stories should be written in the first person, as if you were telling a story that happened to you to a friend.
    • You may curse. If your character drops the F-bomb a lot, who am I to judge? If it adds to the story, do it. 
    • If your story is really long, I will post it as a series. 

  • Guest blog posts about writing horror/ dark fantasy/ gritty urban fantasy/ magical realism/ speculative fiction and/or science fiction.

    • This part is pretty self-explanatory. We would love to hear your story. 
    • What are your tips and tricks?
    • What tidbit of information would have helped you early on as a writer?
    • What made you pick your genre?
    • Come tell us!

  • Just finished a book that falls into one of the above listed genres? Cool! I'd love to interview you!

    • Indie authors don't get enough praise and promotion!
    • Let's change that! If you just finished a book , I'm proud of you!
    • E-mail me if you'd like your book featured on Wicked Shorts as a Recommended Reading Post. 
  • Wanna collaborate on something you think would be awesome?!!

In closing:
I've never done this before. Never reached out to like-minded people. I've never collaborated with other writers and I want that to change! Let's make something awesome together!

What I'm hoping to achieve is to branch out the Wicked Shorts Blog by introducing new and awesome authors. 

If this is something you are interested in, then we should definitely talk!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

e-mail: avrin@wickedshortsblog.com or avrinkellywrites@gmail.com

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