☰ 10 Weirdo Writing Prompts #3

Someone just walked out of my closet door and saluted me as their king. 

Winter falls on the small town of River Rock in July. It never snows here. But that's not even the weird part.

It rains frogs, but only in your back yard.

You stumble upon your own funeral, literally.

Your toothbrush wiggles when you touch it.

Your dog speaks one day. It says something horrible.

You can't trust your mother anymore. For the last week, she's been acting strange. She seems almost dangerous and now you're getting scared.

A plumber finds a snake stuck in a toilet. He begins to pull it out, but never gets to the other end of the snake. 

A women's retreat in the woods turns deadly when trees begin to attack the guests. 

Title Prompt: The Thirteenth Step

Bonus: Why might a man sleep underneath his bed? What's he hiding from?

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