Wednesday, October 10, 2018

#100WordHorror ★ Patricia Lynne


People said to be afraid of the dark. Monsters lurked in the shadows, waiting to ambush you. But they were wrong. It was the light that hid evil. Behind a kind smile, caring eyes and a gentle touch.

Evil knew this too. 

It understood if it cloaked itself in light, people would be blinded. They can’t see the darkness beneath. They’d make excuses. Evil banked on their gullibility.

I know because it’s how I move through this world. My masks are different, but the same. A kind smile, caring eyes and a gentle touch. 

And my victims never question it.

Patricia Lynne loves to write anything with paranormal creatures or aliens. Sometimes both. She's not picky that way. She loves Doctor Who and reading about serial killers. She also writes under the name Patricia Josephine.

Twitter: @plynne_writes


  1. The victims never questioned it and the reader didn't see it coming. Nice reveal of the evil in the narrator.


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