Wednesday, October 17, 2018

#100WordHorror ★ Marc Tizura


“Who sent you?”

The Crone that lorded over him demanded in a high-pitched quivery voice. He would have answered, but the Crone had ripped out his tongue and ate it before his eyes. 

“Tastes as sweet as candy, so it does,” The Crone announced with a witch’s cackle.

He opened his mouth to protest a flow of red life water came gushing, as did the only sound he could now make: a moaning cry. 

This sound drew on more cackles from the cartoonish hag that stood over him. He was told to stay away from the house on Crone Hill, and now, to his horror, he was finding out why. 

She racked her long jagged nails down his bare chest peeling up bits of skin which she quickly tore off and ate. He howled in agony; a watery choking noise which immediately drew more cackles from her. 

“Don’t have an answer? Well, don’t worry I will remake you, my sweet. You’ll be one of my dolls like all the others who have trespassed my hill.” The Crone whispered in his ear, her hot breath on his cheek.

In a flash, she clawed out his eyes. 

He let loose a howl as she cackled. Before the pain took him to the land of unconscious darkness where he would stay, he thought he saw a vision of a dark tower in a field of roses somewhere.★    


Marc Tizura is a published author. His debut novel was The Man from Grenin

He is also an actor and is the host of an awesome and always entertaining hashtag game on Twitter #tfteotw, which stands for "Tales From The End of The World". If ever you feel like playing, tune in to his YouTube channel and watch out for his weekly video prompts where he explains how to play.

Marc lives in Chicago, but don't worry, you can catch him on social media here:

Twitter (@areyouingrenin
Last but not least, don't forget to pop in and visit Marc's blog: 

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