Saturday, October 6, 2018

#100WordHorror ★ Lanie Goodell


Many think the shadows cannot harm them.

They are wrong.

Within the shadows, a killer seeps. He watches his prey with midnight eyes, dead and devoid of anything other than anticipation.

She shivered as she crossed the street, leaves rustling in the moonlit park. Her breath caught as she stumbled, the heel of her boot catching the curb in her haste.

That’s when he struck.

The shadows enveloping her in their inky embrace. The first cut released the air within her lungs. The second severed her trachea. It was over within minutes.
Laughter echoed deep within the shadows.★


Lanie Goodell is an American author and single mother. She is currently an avid flash fiction fan and loves the challenge of writing an entire story in just a few words.

Though her professional history is varied, ranging from teaching to enforcement activities, Lanie channels these experiences into her writing to create a plausible experience for the reader.

The mother of a teenage son, she enjoys spending time exploring his interests. They can often be found haunting the science museum or delving into the mechanics of how things work (especially redstone contraptions on Minecraft). She loves that her son is interested in the horror genre and he has sparked much of her recent creativity.

Lanie has an AAS in criminal justice technology, an AAS in psychology, an AA, and a BA in psychology. She is fascinated by the exploration of new subjects, always looking for new and intriguing information.

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