Thursday, October 11, 2018

#100WordHorror ★ Justin A. Price


“What was that?” Audrey said.

I finished the trick and faced her. “I made a rabbit disappear. But it was fake. See?” I produced the rabbit from a compartment under the thrifted magician’s table, holding it by the scruff of its neck.
“No, what was that sound. That crackle when it disappeared. You didn’t hear that?”

I listened. 

“Nothing,” I started to say, but the rabbit cut me off. In hushed tones, it said, “I heard it too. It squeezed through the portal with me.”

Then the rabbit’s eyes widened to take in something behind me, and Audrey began to scream.★


Justin A. Price has toyed with the idea of writing since he was a little boy. Now, he's still toying with it, but at least he has a few doc files to show for the effort. 

He's lived in sunny Florida his entire life, though he's dying to move somewhere more dreary and destitute. Of course, if that happens, his wife and two children might just kill him.




Sam Markowitz loves his poodle.

He'd do anything for it.

But Sam's neighbor is making it impossible to care for Trumbly. 

Bad move.

Follow Sam's descent into madness in this psychological thriller short story.

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