Tuesday, October 9, 2018

#100WordHorror ★ Jennifer Pierce-Gaeta


Alice playfully walked the razors edge of the cliff. Tiny giggles escaping her lips as she asked, “If I start to fall would you catch me Adam?” 

Adam's love-filled gaze fell on Alice and his features showed he would do anything to save her. Alice leaned back a bit further, her arms pinwheeling as she smiled. 

Panicked Adam lunged forward to grab her and plunged headlong over the cliff. 

Alice watched as Adam fell, a smile playing on her lips. 

Her soul free at last, her form disappeared into the mist. ★ 


Jennifer Pierce-Gaeta is the author of two published novels and is working hard on her 3rd and 4th soon to be published works. 

Her Hell’s Gate Series can be found on Amazon starting with Pandora’s Hell Decayed is the second title in the series. 

When she’s not writing she can be found chasing spirits, easing and painting. She warns we should be wary of spirits because they are everywhere. 

Find her on Twitter under Angelique Draco aka Jennifer Pierce-Gaeta @Angelwolf24. ️

Enter into a world where supernaturals are the human races last hope. Hell has escaped its prison early and is devastating the world. 

The humans are useless to help themselves and all could be lost if the gates of Hell are not slammed shut. 

That's where my team comes in. 

I am Kira Gaetano and my team may be the world's last hope for survival. We fight the big bad nightmares and are racing against the clock to stop Hell from taking over the world. 

The only question I have is can we do it?......

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