Tuesday, October 2, 2018

#100WordHorror ★ AloneAtNight (Demon)


One afternoon in college I came back from classes and decided to sit on the couch and have a snack. After that, I just passed out.

I had a nightmare of some bloody faced demon-ish thing screaming in my ear at the top of its lungs. Woke up and went about the rest of my day.

My roommate comes back later that night and goes into his room as I’m sitting in the main living area. At some point, he lets out this random startled scream which leads to me running down the hall to see what’s going on. He looks at me and goes “I swear to god someone with a bloody face just walked from your bedroom into the bathroom.”

I never told him about my nightmare I had earlier in the day. I didn’t sleep for 2 days.

Nothing ever happened again.★


Submitted by AloneAtNight (http://aloneatnightscarystories.blogspot.com). 

AloneAtNight is a blog of short, creepy horror stories run / managed by David Kobb and Shawn Kobb. I recommend you read these tales with the lights on... 

If you're not scared enough, check out David and Shawn's book, Terrifying Tales. It's sure to give you a chill...

Turn down the lights. Grab a flashlight, pull the blankets over your head, and prepare for a night of reading the scariest stories around.

Just repeat to yourself, "It's only make believe."

And, whatever you do, make sure you keep the closet door closed.

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