Wednesday, September 26, 2018

#100WordHorror Challenge

It's almost October!!!! The greatest time of the year😱💀😜! And to celebrate, the Wicked Shorts Blog would like to invite you to share your creepiest (and shortest) flash fiction pieces! 

#100WordHorror submissions will be posted in the month of October! 

Come and give us a scare!

To submit your scary short fiction, you can send them via email to me at :( or by private message on Twitter (@AvrinKelly). 

You can also send your stories to my partner in crime on this project😜: Ms. Aliyah Brody (

If and when you send your work, be sure to include a short bio and let me know where readers can find you on social media/ or your blog!

I've really enjoyed getting to know lots of awesome writers and artists this month by opening up the Wicked Shorts Blog to guest posters! I'd love to meat, er, meet more horror writers! 

So here goes nothin'!

I'm excited to read your haunted submissions!!


P.S. A special thanks goes out to Ms. Aliyah Brody for her help, support, encouragement and (last but not least), this awesome idea

Much love!!!💕

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