Thursday, July 26, 2018

Everyday For A Month: Day 24

"I never get what I want," Nina huffed. "Instead, I have to watch her get everything, day after day." 

'Take it back', said the voices from the wall. 'Retrieve everything she has taken from you.'

"I will." Nina said to the walls.

Nina set out to take back her husband, who had left her for Mary. With help from the walls, she snuck, connived, plotted and blackmailed until, finally, Todd came home.

Then Nina decided she wanted Mary's laugh too, because that's what Todd had said he liked best about Mary. He'd said this once at a party when he didn't think Nina was listening, but she'd heard him. So she took Mary's perfect laugh with a spell and a few drops of blood. 

The walls told her how.

Next to go was Mary's hair. Nina loved Mary's hair and wished it was her own. One night, when Mary was asleep, she shaved it off and took the perfect locks for herself. Leaving Mary bald and ugly gave Nina great pleasure. 

Nina still hated Mary.
No matter what she did, Mary always seemed to get the best out of every situation. 

Now, all Nina has are the walls. 

Todd put her in a room guarded by people in white and now all Nina has are the walls. They still whisper and tell her things. But now, they mostly laugh at her.

'So easily tricked' they say. 'So confused and angry' they say. They read the placard on the other side of Nina's locked door. The voices in the wall read the name to her over and over and and over: Nina Mary Anderson. 

** Note**
(I really don't care for this 'story' if you can even call it that, but for better or worse, it's what I wrote for day 24... = )

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