Monday, July 16, 2018

Everyday For A Month: Day 14


I know this witch lady that makes these cookies that give you superpowers for 24 hours.

I never believed anything like that could exist, but I went to her shop and I'd tried her regular cookies before. They were good. Excellent even. The rumors all said to stay away from her "Roulette Menu". Roulette, hence, when you bought one of these cookies, you couldn't be sure what you might be getting.

I ate a roulette cookie this morning. I'm still not sure what it does, but I feel like I've been hearing other people's thoughts all day.

When Susan Grubbs walked past me, she called me a fat whore in her head (not in a good way), then smiled at me.

My eyes went wide and I almost yanked her by the arm and asked her to run that past me one more time, but I didn't.

Tommy Bell thinks I screwed half the football team (which is not true). That never happened, well, not all in the same day like he's thinking, but Tommy's an idiot, so there ya go. 

Jake Gorski thinks I cut myself when I'm alone. Not true either, but I've thought about it several times.

So at lunch, I ditched school to go find that damn witch and ask her to take this back. I already know what people think about me mostly, that's why I avoid them like the plague. They hate me and I hate them. It's simple really. 

I waited in line patiently until it was my turn to be served. It was the witch's daughter, Becky. She thought to herself when she saw me "for once, somebody looks on the outside as bad as I feel on the inside."

This threw my whole plan off. 

Sad-faced Becky, (who had never been anything other than quiet), didn't think I was total trash when she looked at me. So I smiled and said, "It must be cool to be homeschooled and work in a cookie shop."

Becky smiled a little. She said nothing in her head, but I felt relief and surprise. Surprised that I was talking to her, surprised that anybody was. 

"Yeah, it has its perks, I guess. Speaking of school, should you be at yours?"

I shrugged comically. "Yeah. I ditched. I'm addicted to your mom's cookies. So what do you do for fun?"

Becky was shocked that I kept speaking to her and I was shocked that she kept speaking to me... Two people who thought the world hated them found out at the same time that it didn't. It was surreal.

And that's how we became friends. Magic and those weird ass cookies her mom makes. 

But now that I think about it, when I go to Beck's to hang out, I'll sometimes see her mom smile at me, like she knew that I almost missed out, because I almost did. 

I really am grateful that I was brave enough to take a chance on that  roulette cookie, because without it I would've never had the opportunity to talk to Becky, the best friend I almost never had.


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