Sunday, July 15, 2018

Everyday For A Month: Day 13


As soon as young Eli got off the bus, he noticed his house was missing.

It was a small house, with blue shutters and white boards everywhere the blue shutters weren't. It normally sat between 3121 Lincoln Ave and 3125 Lincoln Ave; but now, it was gone. There was no house between 3121 and 3125. In fact, the two houses that had previously sat on either side of Eli's missing house, now sat next to each other. 

What is a 13 year old to do when they find their house missing? Eli found a shallow puddle in the street and checked his reflection to make sure he wasn't missing too. He wasn't. But there was another reflection in the puddle he hadn't expected. A man's.

He wore a black suit and tie, like he was going to a funeral; and when Eli looked up from the puddle in surprise, so too did the stranger.

"Who are you mister?"
"I'm looking for a boy named Eli."
Eli nodded. "That's me. Hey, how'd you know? Is this about my house? Where did it go?" Too trusting and innocent to run from anyone who had anything to do with a house and a yard that were both blinked out of existence while he was away at school, Eli took a step closer to the man.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about."
"Well, I lived there. When it was here. Is it coming back?"
The man in the suit shook his head. "No. I'm afraid it isn't."
"Why not?" 
"Because of your daddy, Eli. He asked too many questions and got his answers. Now stuck in the same place missing keys and dryer socks go."

"So you mean he's lost?"
The suit man nodded. "I came to ask you to make a difficult decision Eli."


"Do you want to meet him there, or try your luck here? In this world?"

It took Eli less than two seconds to answer.
"I've got nothing without my dad. He's my only family. If he's somewheres else, I wanna go too."

The suit man nodded and offered his hand to the boy. 
"Then come with me and I'll take you to him."

Mrs. McCarthy sat in front of her bay window and sipped tea with a cat on her lap. She watched young Eli (who she vaguely remembered used to live in a house across the street from her... although, she couldn't point out which one... it was all so ...fuzzy for some reason.)

She watched him talk to thin air for a while. She thought to herself, "the young have such vivid imaginations." She chuckled.

She watched as Eli grabbed at the empty air, nodded his head and smiled at something or someone she couldn't see. Eli and the unseen thing he was talking to took a few steps towards the puddle she'd seen the child looking into earlier, and like stepping into a manhole, Eli was gone.

She watched his head disappear under the street, let out a yelp, crossed herself and went running for her husband.


  1. I love this!! Are there any others in this line of short stories? Does this one continue?

    1. Unfortunately, this was just a one time flash fiction (so far)! Thank you so much for reading, I'm really happy you liked it! Maybe I need to explore this storyverse some more,,, Check on Eli and his father; see how they're getting on in their new home--- wherever missing socks go...


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