Friday, July 13, 2018

Everyday For A Month: Day 11


“That was wonderful.” Tonya gasped as she lay bare chested with a swirl of silken sheets just barely covering the area between her legs. She took a drag from her cigarette. Her manicured nails glistened in the halflight and Robbie was pleased that he had pleased her. “You're well worth the $6K you cost me, dear.” She added with a half lidded smirk.
“I should hope so.” He chuckled.
“Your touch is magical. Your massages are to die for… and your tongue. Robbie, you have the tongue of a… of a…” she didn't have the words. “Well, I don't know.” She giggled. “There's simply nothing on Earth quite like it.”
Tonya was giddy, high off the sexual energy they'd just shared.
“This tongue loves the taste of you.” Robbie whispered as he plucked the cigarette from her fingers, then leaned over her seductively to stub it out in the ashtray beside the bed.
“Does it?”
“It does.” He caressed her bare shoulder. “Fancy letting me have another taste?” He asked, mischief in his eyes. Tonya was delighted. To be the center of such a handsome man's attention was divine.
Robbie kissed her collarbone, letting his forked tongue slide from between his lips and wrap itself twice around her neck.
As her eyes widened with fear, his tongue squeezed until the skin around it turned blue. As she slipped away, Tonya thought to herself, “I knew he was too good to be true.”

The ones with the good tongues often are.

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