Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Wicked Shorts Blog's One Year Anniversary!

Well, it's been a wild ride; and I just realized, I've been running this blog for nearly a year now! To celebrate, I've decided to do a promotion on Teespring.com . For the anniversary, "The Wicked Shorts Blog Swag" storefront will be showcasing various designs featuring your favorite Warlock. And his unyielding opinion of Magicians... 

I designed these tees because I love Thierry and I wanted to wear him... wait... that came out wrong. = ) I'd like to spread the word about fiction blogging, increase Warlock awareness (lol) and help support my favorite animal all at the same time.  

50% of all proceeds for this campaign will help a charity that concentrates solely on canine rescue. I love dogs and CANNOT STAND to see them hurt or abused. 

Thierry Adler, Warlock, loves dogs too... but boy does he hate Magicians. 

You can read about Thierry and his adventures here on my blog, and also on Amazon, where I've published a few books about him: Feud, The Tree and Coup de Grace (co-written with amazing author Hollie Hausenfluck)! 

Check out the swag here: Save Dogs and Warlocks
Check out Hollie's awesome blog here: Best Co-Writer Ever... = )
Read about Thierry for free here:

Read about Thierry on Amazon:

Thanks for reading! And Happy Birthday, Blog! 



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