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Interview ☆ Yorgos KC

Today we’ll be talking with Yorgos KC, one of my favorite people on Twitter. Not only is he a great writer, he has wonderful habit of encouraging others and offering constant moral support for both writers and non-writers alike. I’m happy to have Yorgos here on Wicked Shorts where he’s allowed me to pick his brain about his writing life.

What genres do you write? Do you do any genre mixing?

- Well, that’s an easy one. Young Adult/New Adult gay romance mostly. I’ve tried to write some fantasy and some detective stories, but even there, the romance part overwhelmed them, so I’ll stick with romance. As for genre mixing… there are some paranormal elements in many of my stories, but I wouldn’t call it “mixing”. Maybe “The House in the Lake” comes as close to mixing as possible, since its prequel is fantasy. Then again… it’s still not mixing. πŸ˜†

What are your favorite genres to read?

- Romance of all kinds. Not necessarily gay. Detective/mystery and fantasy, too. Sci-Fi and thriller. I’d say anything that intrigues me, but those cover the majority of the books I have.

Do you write everyday?

- Of course!!! Yeah, I’d love to say that and be honest at the same time, but nope! That’s not my case. Even when “life” doesn’t take over of all of my time, I can stare at my screen, watching the blinking cursor, unable to think of a single word, for some time until I give up, for the day.

Your blog is one of the prettiest and most colorful I've seen to date! I really love your style! Do you have any tips for new bloggers? 

- Thank you!!! ♥♥♥ The thing is, I have no idea about blogging. I just wanted my blog to be true to myself, if that makes sense, and then I followed my gut. So, that’s the only advice I can give. And maybe, be patient and keep blogging even when nobody reads what you post.

Anything you wish someone would've told you before you started blogging?

- I’m not good at following advice and guidelines, so even if someone had told me all the right tips and tricks I’d probably have made the same mistakes I did, anyway. So, I think, the “keep blogging” piece of advice would be what I’d love to have heard.

Tell us about your current WIP!

- I have a few WIPs, some of them are screaming loud, “Write me, you bloody...” Ok! I forgot myself! Yeah, I meant, I have a few WIPs, some of them are in the P for a longer time than they should have remained there. But I’ll talk about “The House in the Lake”.

It’s a gay romance. Surprise!!! It’s a two-character story with paranormal elements. It was started on a whim. The Twitter group @TurtleWriters posts a picture as a Writing Prompt every Tuesday, and one such Tuesday they posted a picture of a house in a lake. And on seeing this picture, I couldn’t avoid writing the first chapter of my story. Then, I received much encouragement to continue it, and so, it became a WIP. That’s not the way I usually work, so it is quite challenging and stressful for me, but! I keep receiving enthusiastic support and good comments, so it’s also a very satisfactory and fulfilling experience.

And, on top of that, a boy who means a lot to me wanted to read my notes about what happened 5000 years ago. I don’t share my notes with anyone, though. Not even him. But he has the sweetest puppy eyes, so I promised him I’ll try to write it as a story. That’s “The Demon of the Three Rivers”, which is the prequel of “The House in the Lake”. And it’s fantasy – not romance. Yeap! It’s not a stand alone story, though. It will be at the end of “The House in the Lake”. Its first chapter is on WordPress, but the rest won’t be uploaded until after the end of the main story.

You are one of the nicest people on Twitter! As a friend of the people, do you think anything is missing on writer Twitter?🀣 What would you like to see more of? Less of?

- Now, I do need my usual blushing gif! 😳😳😳 Thank you!!! You’re being too nice!!!

About what is missing on Twitter, it’s probably easier to say what is not! 😏

Seriously, though, I love Twitter and the way it is. It would be much better if it had less bugs and less bots and trolls, but other than that, I want it to remain, more or less, the way it is. Ok! An edit function would be a marvellous addition. I do make more than a lot of mistakes, so it would be less embarrassing if there was an edit function.

Oh, yes! A cola can emoji is a must. Why isn’t there one?

Have you ever queried a manuscript before? Any tips for people getting ready to pitch to an agent?

- Neither have I ever tried to get traditional published, nor I intend to do so. I want to keep writing my stories the way I like them and I know they are not following the guidelines I have read in some publishers’ websites. In fact, I would hate my stories if I forced them to follow some of these guidelines. And, also, I like having full control of my writing. So, I won’t go for traditional publishing.

That being said, I don’t mean nobody should go for it. That’s just my choice. So, I’m the last person to give any advice about it. The only thing I can say to whomever wants to follow that path is, research the guidelines the major publishers give for your genre and try to follow them as much as possible, if you want to raise your odds to get published by any house. 
But, hey! Don’t listen to me! Just ask the advice of an expert.

Those are all excellent answers! Thanks for being here with us Yorgos, it's been super fun!
If you want to stalk him on social media, here are all his links!


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  1. Thank you very much Avrin!
    You are the best!!!

  2. Nice website, Avrin! And a great set of questions! Love your style! :)

    Ooh, fab interview, Yorgos! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! And thanks for the mention of @TurtleWriters / #turtlewriters. Much appreciated! :)

    1. How could I have not mention the @TutleWriters, since it was your post that inspired the story? ♥☺❀

    2. Wow! Thank you! This blog is my haunted little home...πŸ€“πŸ€£πŸ’€

  3. Nice professional interview of a lovely writer - one of the very nicest people on Twitter in fact.

    Thanks for bringing us this splendid chat.

    1. ♥♥♥ Thank you, Alyson!
      And yes, Avrin is a real pro! ��

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