Thursday, April 19, 2018

"An Other Place" by Darren Dash

This book was the epitome of exquisite weirdness. I loved it, and hoovered it down in less than a day. 

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

The story was about a guy named Newman Riplan. He was an awesome fellow. Funny, witty, very full of himself. Newman likes to party and he doesn’t have any qualms about letting loose with his boys. He likes hookers, coke and weed, (God love him), and he’s not ashamed to say so.

He trusts his friends so much in fact, that he’s willing to let them send him off on a mystery vacation. They usher him off on a plane, destination unknown. I won't give away how Newman finds himself in the ‘other place’, I will just let you know that it's pretty cool.

Once there, of course Newman tries to leave. When he is unable, he resigns himself to trying to understand how this new ‘other place’ works.

This book was full of weird and bizarre imagery. The main character did exactly what any normal person in his situation would do. I rooted for Newman and loved every minute of his stream-of-conscious type prose. It is told in the first-person and in present tense which at first I thought was a little off-putting, but by the time I’d passed page 5, I was hooked. I wasn't thinking about POV or tenses anymore. Truth be told, once this book hooked me, the words breezed by in a blur and all I saw was a ‘movie’ playing in my head. And boy was it a good movie!

This is one of those books where when life pulls you away from it, all you do is ponder on what's going to happen next. One of those rare books that you remember years after reading the last line. I will probably never forget this book. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys strange and bizarre tales. I wouldn't exactly call it horror, but then again what happens in it is definitely horrifying if your Newman Riplan. 

Bravo, Dash, you changed my world with this one.

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