Friday, March 23, 2018



Have you ever had a knot in your hair when you woke up? 
Not ‘tangled hair’. A real, honest to god knot.
One morning, I woke up with several of them tied deliberately into my hair.
I sleep alone. In a locked room with my dog.
I never forget to lock my bedroom door. Ever.
I hardly think my dog is tying knots in my hair while I’m asleep.
Dewclaws tend to make it hard for animals to do things like that.
It had to be done by something else.
Had I been sleepwalking, or sleep tying knots in my hair?
It didn’t seem likely, but I was willing to set up the camera at the foot of my bed the next night to find out. 

Night One

The camera pooped out around three. 
Before that, nothing significant happened, other than my dog sneaking up to sleep on the bed with me, rather than stay in her chair. 
I think she got cold.
In the morning, I had two knots in my hair. One on either side of my head.

Night Two

The camera worked.
I saw shadows, but nothing got near my head. I tried playing with the video quality but it was grainy as hell. 
Went to Best Buy that afternoon and bought a night vision camera.
Something tells me I’m going to regret anything I end up seeing. Isn’t this how most horror movies start? Knowing my luck, little imps will be the ones creeping into my room, trying to braid my hair, but only succeeding in leaving it a knotted mess.

Night Three

At 5:41 a.m. I saw something. 
I reviewed the footage with wide eyes.
It looked like one of the iron bars on my bed moved.
I strangled a gasp and rewound to watch it again.
Yes, the decorative bedpost moved. I was sure of it. It sort of wiggled.
I left my computer and rushed to the bedpost in question. I tested it with a hand. It was solid as a rock.
“What the hell?”

Night Four

I re-watched the footage from the fourth day. Then immediately called a moving company to come get my bed. I ordered another one and I hope to have it delivered soon, but until then, I’m perfectly okay with sleeping on the floor.

In the footage, a hand reached out and stroked my hair. But it wasn’t a ‘hand’ it was my bedpost mimicking a hand. Then I saw another one just like it on the other side of me. Then a third that came down from the top of the bed. All three hands stroked and caressed my hair as if I was its child. They knotted and braided my hair so gently, I never even woke up. Then it undid the braids but not the knots…

That was the only part I couldn’t figure out. Why undo the braids but leave the knots?

Night Five

I’ve heard Witches tie knots for protection sometimes. What better way to protect yourself than to tie them right into your own hair? I didn’t believe in that mumbo jumbo, though.

I didn’t have a bedpost to hook the camera to anymore, so I didn’t bother putting it up. 

I thought my troubles were done. Now that the bed was gone, what else could possibly happen, right?

I woke up on my pallet on the floor around 3:00 a.m., to my dog whining and looking up. A man with too many long, skinny legs and arms gripped the ceiling unnaturally from directly above me.

When he looked down at us, he smiled, tsked me and said:

“No Knotssssss?”

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