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Me Trying To Outline ★ "The Water Curse"

Hi everybody!
I've decided to try my hand at writing a full length novel outline. (Somehow it came out as high fantasy, and I don't really write high fantasy...)

I'm pretty self conscious about my outlining capabilities, but I'm trying to get better at it. = )

I thought maybe someone might like "The Water Curse", or be able to use it for themselves if I posted it... 

It's probably crap. 
(If it is, let me know where I screwed up in the comment section... wink).

So, in closing, the following outline is free to use. 

Take it, dissect it, change it. Make a book or a story out of it... I hope someone can use it. <3 If nothing else, it might give you some ideas...

Thanks for reading!


Genre: Action, Adventure, High Fantasy, Romance
Introduce protagonist

  • A Witch stops King Hambrik’s Silver Army headed to war with her chants for rain.
  • Iaeyah (I-A-Yuh) has been without rain for almost 2 years now.
  • King Hambrik and his Silver Army blame the neighboring country (Anrio) (An- Ree- Oh) for the curse.
  • Gosling was hand chosen by the Witch Goddess, Hecate, to aid the world of men, [stop Iaeyah and Anrio from destroying themselves.]
  • So Hecate sends Gosling to give the kingdom of Iaeyah release from the Water Curse for a short time, if Hambrik calls his army back home, and doesn’t go to war with King Bave of Anrio.
  • The Silver Army was heading to battle King Bave’s mighty troops over the Water Curse, but after days of searching for their opponents, the Silver Army was drawn to large rain clouds forming over the Lorling Valley, where Gosling is chanting and where the two kingdoms meet at their farthest point.
  • The Knight in charge of the army, Ryn, decides to take the Witch to  King Hambrik with a small party of soldiers.
  • Ryn leaves the rest of his legion to make camp at the valley and wait out the Anrio Army.

First Plot Point
  • On the long trip back to King Hambrik’s castle, Ryn’s eyes are opened to the beautiful magic of the intriguing Witch.
  • He watches how flowers bloom behind her as she walks.
  • He is attracted to how she seems to be glowing with power and magic.
  • Ryn also notices that Gosling has lived a sheltered life in a Witch Monastery, devoting her life to her Goddess since she was born.
  • Ryn tries to use the time that they have together to teach her things about the world and show her things.
  • They pass through cities and as they spend more time together, Gosling begins to want him for herself and it makes her sad. How can she ever be with Ryn if Hecate insists on giving her to King Hambrik as a persuasion towards piece.
  • Ryn thinks that the Witch is beautiful, kind and he is quite taken with her. He notices that as they get closer, she becomes more sad. 
  • Being with Ryn makes her feel better.
  • They kiss in the forest while gathering berries.
  • Ryn wants to do more than just kiss and so does Gosling, but they don’t.
  • Ryn doesn't want to get involved with a sorceress, but the sorceress seems to want to get involved with him. 
  • Ryn has had bad experiences with magic before, when he thought that he loved Nari, the King’s sister, but in her lust for him, she paid a gypsy to cast a love spell on him instead.
  • Ryn had lived in a cloud for a month before the gypsy woman died of old age, and her love spell died with her, Ryn had come back to reality within hours.
  • After they gypsy died, he broke up with Nari, but ever since that day, Nari has always wanted him. He tells this to Gosling on one of their forest walks.
  • Ryn is conflicted about whether or not to follow his heart or his head.
  • Ryn is almost positive that Gosling is not telling him everything.
  • He begins to suspect that Gosling’s attraction to him is because she knows she is going to be given to the King, and that Gosling wants to be with him before she doesn’t have the chance anymore.
  • Soon, the Silver Army, Ryn and Gosling arrive at the court of King Hambrik.
  • Ryn reports directly to the King and he takes Gosling with him.

First Pinch Point
  • When King Hambrik sees Gosling, he wants her as his own personal plaything. But, by now, Ryn has been bombarded with more and more regret for not telling Gosling how he felt when he had the chance to say it in the forest.
  • Ryn knows that once King Hambrik sets his mind on something, it is likely that he will get what he wants.
  • Ryn sees Barris Banister whispering in the King’s ear about Gosling and he knows that Nari hates Gosling already for just being near him.

  • Gosling speaks to the King.
  • She tells him that she has been sent to him by the Witch Goddess, Hecate, as a gift to King Hambrik if he will not lead his people to war against King Bave of Anrio.
  • Gosling tells the King that if he choses to go to war, then the gift of the Witch will be his curse and his kingdom will be destroyed whether Gosling lives or dies.

Second Pinch Point
  • Hambrik calmly says that he needs time to ponder the request of the Goddess Hecate. 
  • The King sends Gosling off to rest and bathe in lavish comforts. He tells her that he wants to speak with her privately later on that evening.
  • Ryn gets the job of taking her to her quarters and she goes willingly. 
  • When Ryn gets ready to drop her off to her room, he confronts her about knowing she was going to be given to the king the whole time.
  • Ryn is mad because she didn’t tell him.
  • Gosling didn’t tell him so that he would consider being with her in spite of her destiny.
  • Gosling’s sees it as she took one thing for herself in a life of allegiance to a Goddess: A moment with Ryn, and she explains why it was worth it to her.
  • Of course Ryn is touched by this and he kisses her and they sleep together... (xoxo)
  • Ryn sneaks out of Gosling’s room later on and the hallways are dark in the castle. The scene POV stays with him.
  • Ryn finds the King staring out the window and the scene ends, we assume they speak to each other, but we don’t hear the conversation that Ryn and the King have.
  • The King sends Ryn to war with the rest of the troops.
  • Ryn doesn’t risk say goodbye to Gosling, but he also doesn’t trust the King.

All Is Lost Lull
  • Gosling feels her magic begin to wan Hecate was a virgin goddess, it is possible that Gosling could lose all of her powers forever. The scene POV is with Gosling now.
  • Gosling knows that she is losing her power because she slept with Ryn.
  • Gosling still doesn’t regret her actions with Ryn.
  • Ryn hasn’t been gone long, and Gosling falls asleep waiting for the summoning of the King.
  • When the guards take her, she is half asleep and she doesn’t have a lot of magic left.
  • The King has an unheard of plan to bleed Gosling for her Witch Blood.  Barris Banister, the King’s physic, convinces the King that Gosling’s magic can be harnessed.
  • Banister is trying to manipulate the King in such a way, that, if it is possible to steal a Witch’s power, Banister will be on the receiving end of the magic, and oust the King from power.
  • The second plot point
  • The guards take Gosling to the King in a rough and rude manner.
  • Meanwhile, Ryn sends his troops ahead without him and doubles back to check on Gosling.
  • Ryn looks for Gosling and he can’t find her. When he asks some of his (Maid Characters) they tell him that she is set to be executed in the morning.

  • Ryn decides to break Gosling out of prison.
  • Second pinch point
  • Ryn is gathering supplies to “Rambo” Gosling up when he finds Andrew Harper and Garrett Smith
  • They agree to help Ryn try and save this woman he loves, and they decide to split up and try to find Gosling.
  • Ryn is smart though, the first place he looks in the quarters of the King’s physic, and he finds Gosling.
  • Gosling is badly beat up and being bled by the physic, who is nowhere to be found.
  • She is tied up and Ryn scrambles to untie her before Barris Banister returns.

The Climax
  • Ryn tries to talk to Gosling and find out why she didn’t use her power to protect herself.
  • She tells him that she chose him over her magic, because she loves him.
  • Barris Banister appears and has the King called in to arrest Ryn.
  • Andrew and Garrett show up and there is a stand off between the people backing the King and Banister and the people backing up Gosling and Ryn.
  • The King tells Ryn that the Witch belongs to him and that he can do whatever he wants with her.
  • The soldiers look to Ryn for orders and not the King
  • Ryn tells the King that if he doesn’t let Gosling go, then he will take her by force.
  • Just as the King is ready to loose his temper with Ryn, Barris Banister kills the King with a zap of magic.
  • Ryn attacks Barris, but Barris uses magic to get away.
  • The King’s sister, Nari comes into power 
  • Her first order as Queen is that Ryn be arrested for killing the King
  • Her second order of business is to outlaw witchcraft and offer a reward to any man that brings her a live Witch.
  • What Nari is really doing is continuing the work that Barris Banister started with his experiments years ago, designed steal a Witch’s magical power.

The Resolution
  • Ryn and Gosling are lucky enough to have friends that warn them of the Queen’s amendments to the law. They run off into the night and escape with Garrett and Andrew.
  • Ryn has a brother named Sean.
  • Ryn plans to go to Sean and warn him about what is happening in Iaeyah. Ryn knows that if the Queen can’t get to Ryn himself, she would happily slaughter what little family he has left just to make him suffer.
  • Ryn, Andrew and Garrett all talk about banding together as mercenaries and staying away from Iaeyah forever.
  • Ryn and Gosling are together, and to her surprise, the longer they stay together, the more she sees her powers begin to come back. ★

Final Thought- 

Maybe Witches don’t have to be condemned to a life of loneliness as they choose to serve their Goddess Hecate.

Here are some books on outlining that have helped me in the past... Maybe they will help you too! Happy reading!

And don't forget, everything is better with Kindle Unlimited!


  1. I wish my outlines looked like this!

  2. Ha! It was fun to write, but at the same time, I have a horrible habit of not using the outline when it's time to sit down and write the first chapter... Thanks for reading, Hollie! (Your comments are always great!)


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