Monday, December 11, 2017

10 Weirdo Writing Prompts #1

Today, I wanted to talk about #writingprompts, and other tiny exercises that have helped me a lot through out my writing journey.

#amwriting hashtag games on Twitter are a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

Why they're good for your writer brain:
  1. They help you think outside of the box. 
  2. The in-game themes and having so few characters to create a glimpse into your storyworld forces you cut out the flack.
  3. They make you contemplate things you might not normally think about (depending on what you like to write).
  4. Great if you want to switch up the themes, settings and characters in your writing.
  5. They give you brand new ideas. (Ones you probably never would have come up with before playing).

Weirdo Writing Prompts From Yours Truly:

Most of these prompts are pretty vague. That's why I like them. My brain will shoot to the most off the wall scenarios if given half the chance.

It's 10 years in the future. The emergency services are the only social sector that has implemented hovercrafts. Your character is an EMT.
What happens during their day? 

A man walking on the beach finds a doll. The doll speaks to him and tells him to do crazy things.

A short story about being in high school. But, here's the catch: make your story a mirror of The Odyssey. The Fates are three bitchy high school girls.
Note: O Brother Where Art Thou is a great example of a story that mirrors the Odyssey, but looks nothing like Homer's original tale.  

A journalist shadows a ghost hunter as they try to debunk a real haunting.

Helicopter-like octopuses invade Earth and a grocery delivery guy runs for his life.

(I'm totally doing this one.)
Like, probably today.

A college student goes with his archaeologist uncle to investigate an ancient Egyptian pyramid. Then something about huge scorpions and creepy-ass mummies.

(eloquent, I know...)

A charlatan psychic gets more than she bargained for when she helps a very weak and sickly client.

A title: "The Midnight Vixen"

A quote: "Go to the bus stop on 3rd. Be there at 10:15. Make sure you bring it."

As soon as I stepped into the house I could feel the floor vibrate underfoot. Such a strange thing for a floor to vibrate.

I hope you liked my assortment of 10 weirdo writing prompts. I plan on trying my hand at them. Writing outside my comfort zone, so to speak. It's always fun to start something new, so here's my sincere hope that some of these ideas breed new stories!

Always feel free to add to the comments section down below, and if you are inspired by some of the prompts, come share some lines from your new story with us!

But most importantly, have fun!

Happy reading and writing,


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