Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Closet Light

There is something that hangs out in my bedroom closet at night. Yesterday evening, I was dozing off, when I thought I heard something rustle on the other side of the door. I ignored it, and forced myself to close my eyes.

Tonight, a few minutes after getting into bed, I was getting comfortable when I saw the closet light flick on from underneath the door. The rest of my bedroom had been completely dark, save for a digital clock, but the darkness was pierced by the yellowed illumination coming from under the door to my closet. Lights don’t turn on and off by themselves.

I automatically assumed that this was a home invasion, even though I’d been in my new apartment all weekend. I grabbed my Beretta off the nightstand and padded to the closet door as quietly as I could. The metal was cold, yet comforting in my slightly trembling hands. I stood there for a moment, silently listening to the other side of the closet door in the near-dark, praying to God that  whatever was in there couldn’t hear my pounding heart. I couldn’t hear anything but the beaded pull chain swinging back and forth.

I steeled myself and turned the knob as fast as I could, flinging the door to the closet open, my handgun aimed, my finger right next to the trigger. Inside the closet was a man. A man who looked just like me. His identical Beretta was aimed right at my chest, but his hand wasn’t shaking like mine was. The dog at his side growled viciously, it’s eyes fixed on me.

“Get the fuck out of my house.” Said the man in the closet. “I don’t know what you are, but you aren’t me. You can’t be.”

My eyes widened in terror as the man’s Beretta went off. The bullet entered my chest; it felt first like white hot fire, then the pain melted into numb nothingness as my double leaned over me, a dark scowl on his face. I gasped at breaths that became more and more shallow with every passing second.

The last thing I heard was the Original say, “I don’t hesitate when it comes to shooting trespassers.”

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